I live, work, paint in Bratislava. I started painting as a child. I attended art school and devoted myself to various techniques. During high school, I painted the whole lesson, for hours and planned to study art or architecture.

Unfortunately, this was not possible at that time. However, art and painting found me again. I started painting intensively in 2012 and since then, even though I work, painting and creative work fills all my free time.

In 2017, I had my first author's exhibition at the ICT ISTROCONTI Gallery in the center of Bratislava, and since then I have been offering exhibitions either again in Bratislava, in neighboring Austria, and currently I have an author's exhibition in Prague at Galerie pod Palmovkou.

I am currently participating in various projects and competitions, my painting Water Lily in Motion was awarded in 2019 as a semi-finalist within the ARTBOX PROJECT in Zurich .As a part of this project, my paintings were also presented in digital form in Miami or Madrid.

In 2021 I was chosen to be an artist in residency at the prestigious Chateau Orquevaux in Champagne Ardenne, France.
2022 I will start with new SOLO exhibitions  - April in  Bratislava and Julzy  in Prague with cooperation Mr.PhDr.Luboslav Moza,PhD, membre of European Academy of  science and art and ARTEM GALLERZY.


I am attracted to painting. When I paint I feel happy, I'm in another world. I paint mostly something that enchanted, and inspired me. Scenes in nature, trees, flowers, water, reflections, gardens, fields, but when I think about it, which is the link - it's a combination of colors, shapes, groupings, it's light and its reflections, it's the smell and the flowing air,  it's architecture, perspective  It just stays in my head and I have an urgent need to paint it. I was very hardworking and unstoppable then.

On the other hand, even though I use oil paints as a priority, I try to find new means of expression, materials and possibilities to achieve the visuals I have in my head. How to release barriers. Even though it is still between reality and abstract, I do not determine it - the painting guides me and I let myself be guided intuitively.

I like rougher brushstrokes, I often use different types of painting knives, but also add pastel or other media. My painting is permanently in evolution.

I don't know where it will move me, painting is a great adventure for me. It's a never ending story