My paintings are my memory record of spontaneous emotions such as enthusiasm, admiration, unique peace , happiness and respect for nature. Beauty, mystery, light, but also shadows calm me and create my perspective over the world of superficiality, loneliness, but also aggressiveness and ignorance.

I am looking for beauty, happiness, enrichment and I would like people to feel joy by reconnecting them with the peace and beauty of nature. The language of nature is understood by everyone.My creative process is spontaneous, my painting is the result of the dancing with my hands, fingers , brushes and knifes. The oil technique give me always the new possibilities in my creativity.

I feel how nature speaks to me, how it attracts me with its colourfulness, and all this moves me further in my work and in my creativity. I have so many ideas that I can't keep up with painting.

The creations of Ivana Orviska, the artist, are not easy to define and adopt in a strict definitions. Her paintings have a great sense of detail, color and depth. The motif of her work is largely the splendid places which are boldly transported by oil on canvas. As the artist says, I paint not just what I see,  but especially what I feel. . I believe that Ivana Orviska will bring us many wonderful experiences in the future through her paintings. 
Curator and Gallerist - Ľudmila Pašková,  2020

Ivana Orviska is already one of the important artist of the time. Harmony, pure expression, beauty of created pictorial scenery. I admire her creative path in painting, which brings wonderful worlds so necessary to us.  She develops  with harmonious compositions with perfectly  redesigned painting structures. I appreciate the work of Ivana Orviska because it develops the art for people need the values of life, hidden in the landscape. 

Curator Phdr. Luboslav Moza PhD. Member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, April 2022